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Composer/Writer/Guitarist, Tom has been a performing musician for over 20 years, and the style of his guitar work on stage, and in the studio, are further proof of his ability. Tom is a versatile vocalist, who is also a 4 time Emmy award winning news photographer who also writes music for television, and television newscasts in the Sacramento area. He has toured with The Association, and several show bands over the years, but his greatest asset is the warmth of his vocals, and the range at which he performs.
Here is a Honky-Tonk keyboard player with the skill to play any style. He has done so on stage and in the recording studio, with several projects, from commercials to gospel to his credit. Certainly one of the most precise and smoothest artists in Northern California. Larry's ability to switch from keyboards to guitar, makes him and even more versatile asset to the band. Larry's vocals contribute to Code Blue's unique harmonic blend and his musicianship marks him as the ultimate professional.
Hammering out bass lines with ease and style, John, an accomplished player with over 20 years of experience, is versed in many styles including Classic Rock, Funk, Tex-Mex, you name it. A veteran performer, who has sharpened his talent to a razor's edge on the stages of Sacramento with bands like Gringo Loco, On Air, and The Cast Musical Band.
His vocals and talent at harmonies ring through to top off the full spectrum that is the Code Blue experience. John is a consummate showman who knows how to ignite a performance, and his ability to create bass styling and intricate lines, fill the air with power, and rank him among the best in the business.
This seasoned performer provides the solid rhythm at the heart of the Code Blue mix. From the twirl of a stick, to the downbeat mastery of the drums his percussive perfection compliments each arrangement Whether it is Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, or Country Rock. A drummer for over 40 years beginning in Jr. High, and who's major at CSUS was percussion gives him an edge few can match.
Over 20 years as a performing in the Sacramento area as well as performances at the Sacramento Music Festival, and the Sacramento Musical Theater all speak to the value of his expertise. The chances are if you find Code Blue's music honed to a fine point, Greg has sharpened the finest of that point with his performance.
Fred grew up on music, and loves to play music. For more than 20 years as a performing artist and soloist he has refined his guitar style to emphasize his skill at Blues, Country , Rock, and R&B. Fred's expertise has been honed on stage with none other than the likes of, The Joe Walsh Band, Frank Hannon of Tesla, and Country artist Marty Stewart to name a few. His ability on the guitar adds to the rich flavor of Code Blue. A power vocalist on lead and background, his grinding baritone fills out the bottom end of the Code Blue spectrum and provides the band a wide range of lead vocals.